Arctic Sea Ice Thickness Is Identical To 75 Years Ago

Arctic sea ice rapidly melted from 1910 to 1940, and was reduced to two meters thick by 1940.

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Papers Past — Auckland Star — 14 December 1940 — WARMER ARCTIC


23 Feb 1940 – THE NORTH POLE. Is it Getting Warmer. | BUNDABER…

The ice is currently two meters thick, identical to 75 years ago.


ictn2015092218_2015093000_041_arcticictn.001.gif (740×666)

The glaciers of Norway and Alaska lost half their mass by 1950, and experts warned that we are all going to drown.


19 Feb 1952 – Melting Ice May Swamp Seaports

President Obama was in Alaska last week and blamed Americans for melting glaciers, a process which has been going on since before America existed.

glacierbaymap (3)

glacierbaymap.gif (420×458)

We have a complete nut job in the White House, who is determined to convince people that he saved the planet. At least 10 Congressional Republicans are supporting his lunacy.

Doesn’t get any crazier than that.


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7 Responses to Arctic Sea Ice Thickness Is Identical To 75 Years Ago

  1. Marsh says:

    “”The ice is currently two meters thick, identical to 75 years ago”” Yes but people were Not as thick 75 years ago… We didn’t see a President playing “Chicken Little” with World leaders & the Scientific Method still had integrity ; it was merely, a hypothesis for review…

  2. AndyG55 says:

    And after 1940, it thickened gradually until the late 1970’s

    From that COLD point, climate alarmists base their childish scares of melting Arctic ice…

    .. totally ignoring the fact that zero Arctic sea ice was quite normal in the first 3/4 or so of the current interglacial

  3. Andy DC says:

    President Obama has saved the US from major hurricanes, as none have hit during either of his terms. Also saved Florida from any hurricanes at all during his two terms! He has stopped the rise of the seas and we’ve had record crops during both his terms as well. Obama even renamed a mountain in Alaska, originally named for an evil dead white male! He single handedly healed the planet. What a great man! What a great President!

    Obama’s only downside is that he lowered the price of energy when he had promised to drastically raise it. Another great American President, Jimmy Carter did keep that promise, also weakened us abroad and appeased our enemies every bit as much as Obama. So it is a very close call as far as which of the two was our greatest Democrat President.

  4. Barbara says:

    AndyDC, well said! Steve/Tony, who do you think are the worst Congressional RINOS? I have trouble deciding. One who has always ignored his constituency is now campaigning fearfully (personal and targeted appearances for the first time) and saying exactly what many of us want to hear. (McCain)

    • rah says:

      Most all of the old guard RINOs are getting up there now. I would love to see that dinosaur from the Keating Five, McCain beaten severely. Couldn’t believe they re-elected him last time. His buddy Lindsey Graham is no spring chicken either. And then there is that block head leader from Kentucky.

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