John Christy Crushes Climate Fraudster Michael Mann

A few weeks ago, climate criminal Michael Mann (who knows nothing about the subject) said that satellite temperatures are not as reliable as surface temperatures.

According to Dr. Michael Mann (Penn State), the satellite temperature record has actually been subject to more adjustments than the surface record. Mann also states that the global satellite temperature record has been shown to have a bias of showing too little warming.

How accurate are satellite measured temperatures of the troposphere? – Climate Change Weather Blog

Thus is a flat out lie. The surface temperature record has been adjusted to the point of being farcical.


1981: Challenge_chapter2.pdf
current: Fig.A.gif 

NASA has doubled 1880-2000 warming since 2001 by eliminating rural stations and homogenizing UHI infected urban stations.


The entire US warming trend over the past century is due to adjustments.


Dr. John Christy of the University of Alabama at Huntsville is an actual expert on satellite temperatures, and he pulverized Mann’s fraud in Congress this week.

First, the claim is made the satellites do not measure temperature. In reality, the sensors on satellites measure temperature by emitted radiation – the same method that a physician uses to measure your body temperature to high precision using an ear probe. Atmospheric oxygen emits microwaves, the intensity of which is directly proportional to the temperature of the oxygen, and thus the atmosphere. That the satellites measure temperature is evident by the following chart which compares our UAH satellite data with temperatures calculated from balloon thermistors. As an aside, most surface temperature measurements are indirect, using electronic resistance.

Screenshot 2016-02-05 at 08.42.32 AM


Michael Mann has been shown over and over again to be an embarrassment to the profession, but he says the things that progressives want to hear. So they listen to him and ignore actual scientists.


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25 Responses to John Christy Crushes Climate Fraudster Michael Mann

  1. Michael 2 says:

    I appreciated the brief discussion on the satellite method of measuring temperature.

    • It’s wrong that satellites only measure microwaves from O2 molecules. The CERES bolometer on the JPSS satellite measures IR directly in the 9-12 micron N-band. Since the atmosphere is 96% transparent in that band, the satellite is measuring the surface temperatures, not the temperatures of some pie in the sky.

      • Oliver K. Manuel says:

        John I am greatful to Tony for publishing Christy’s work. Christy is one of few who managed to retain his personal integrity while working for a federal agency.

  2. Michael Grant says:

    And they give Mann MONEY.

  3. darrylb says:

    NASA has doubled 1880-2000 warming since 2001 by eliminating rural stations and homogenizing UHI infected urban stations.

    Yep, much said in one sentence. I thought only God could do that, but some people view NASA
    as God. However, not relatives of seven would be space adventurers.

  4. Robertv says:

    More important

    The Paris agreements a bad deal for the Constitution.

    Mr Groves 41:04

  5. AndyG55 says:

    Comparison of regional satellites with the ONLY pristine surface data in the world.

    The satellites are doing an EXCELLENT job.

  6. Andy DC says:

    A heavily monied agenda, with unregulated, highly biased data adjustments by those supporting the agenda is a perfect recipe for fraud.

  7. Menicholas says:

    It may well be the happiest and most satisfying day of my life when that idiotic dirtbag gets his richly deserved come-uppance.
    I hope I am right there to see it.

  8. thefordprefect says:

    “We had been concerned that the LT temperature trends over land were too warm compared to the ocean. One hint that something might be wrong was that the trends over very high elevation portions of the Greenland ice sheet and the Himalayas were much colder than the surrounding regions (see Fig. 4 here). Another was discontinuities in the trend patterns between land and ocean, especially in the tropics.

    “We determined this is most likely due to a residual mismatch between the MSU channel 2 weighting function altitude on the early satellites versus the AMSU channel 5 weighting function altitude on the later satellites. We already knew AMSU5 peaks lower than MSU2, and had chosen Earth incidence angles in each to get a match based upon theory. But apparently the theory has some error, which we find equates to about 150 meters in altitude. This was enough to cause the issues we see….land too warm at low elevations, too cold for elevated ice surfaces.

    “We therefore changed the AMSU5 reference Earth incidence angle (from 35.0 to 38.3 deg.) so that the trends over Greenland and the Himalayas were in much better agreement with the surrounding areas.”

  9. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Absolutely nothing happens by mistake. Without Climategate, no one would ever believe our once beloved space agency – NASA – capable of fraud.

  10. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Although NASA successfully brought samples from the Moon in 1969, ESA and NASA worked in unison to prevent publication of information from analysis of lunar samples that showed the Sun is a giant mass-separator that enriches the two lightest elements, H and He, and the lighter isotopes of heavier elements in the photosphere and in the solar wind:

    • AndyG55 says:

      WFT still uses the old v5.6.

      There was a drift error that needed to be fixed.

      You should get V6 from Roy’s web site.

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