The End Game In US Data Tampering

A lack of transparency is a huge political advantage

The animation below flashes between raw (measured) US thermometer data, and the final version which is reported to the public. The thermometers show no warming over the past 95 years – all of the reported warming is Mann-made by government employees tampering with data.


A big part of this data tampering is implemented by making up monthly temperatures at stations where USHCN says they have no thermometer data. The amount of fabricated data is increasing exponentially, and at current rates of fabrication 100% of the data will be fake by the year 2035 – i.e. there will be no actual thermometer data used after that date. NCDC says that their software which does this, is working “as expected.”

ScreenHunter_4791 Nov. 25 09.21

The next graph shows the total adjustments NCDC are making to the US temperature record. They knock about one degree off of older temperatures, and add a few tenths of a degree on to recent temperatures. Extrapolating out to the year 2035 when 100% of reported temperatures will be fake, the total upwards adjustment will be about one degree, making for a total adjustment of about two degrees.

ScreenHunter_4802 Nov. 25 09.49

The global warming agenda depends on a belief that temperatures are warming, so the fake graphs and press releases released by government agencies about warming and “record temperatures” are critical for perpetuating the big lie about climate.

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22 Responses to The End Game In US Data Tampering

  1. philjourdan says:

    We will be freezing to death in record heat by 2035.

  2. daveandrews723 says:

    It seems like in the digital age they could easily set up as many reporting sites as they want that would give real-time hourly temperature data to some NOAA server. Of course, that wouldn’t prevent some “scientists” from tampering with the data once they have it on their computers.

  3. Eliza says:

    SG you may be interested to know that the AGW lobby is getting so desperate that they are using “skeptic”videos to try to get their message accros take this so called “Roy Spencer Video” actually the Gratham institute AGW)
    There are other examples you can check out on u tube

  4. stpaulchuck says:

    I STILL keep running into people on the blogs that don’t get this. I even had one yesterday telling me that the oceans ate the heat while at the same time 2014 was one of the warmest on record.

  5. TR M says:

    They are changing the past because they now can not change the present. For the last decade there has been a check on these criminals. The US climate reference network is all class 1 sites with a truly great and well thought out setup. There are no adjustments required to it.

    As such they can’t change the USHCN for the last decade without being too obvious in their fixing of the numbers and getting busted for it. That leaves them only one option. They have to adjust the past downwards because nobody will notice, or so they thought.

    Next comes the “baffle with BS” from them. They claim it is all justified and they are the experts and their adjustments are scientific etc etc etc.

    They are between a rock and a hard place and it sucks to be them.

  6. richard says:

    Why is this story being reported in the media?

  7. Excuses the place in Russia was Tiksi instead of Fiksi .

  8. Crowbar of Daintree Forest says:

    In Australia, our beloved BOM has become the Bureau of Media-ology. Every second month is the hottest ever, because they refuse reveal the detail of their homogenisation or to acknowledge any pre-1910 temperatures. Huge droughts and heat-waves in Australia in 1890’s early 1900’s… way hotter than now.

  9. Disillusioned says:

    Every this is pointed out to someone, they refer to a (2002, I think) NCDC paper which explains time of day observation changes. What is the best way to answer that?

  10. Timo Soren says:

    Lets do a best fit of a logistic Curve!

  11. Timo Soren says:

    So I ran a gross estimate of y = 100/(1+25*e^(-.12t)) where t=0 is 1993 Fits the curve reasonably, and would yield that at t=25 or 2018 they would pass 50% and at t=50 or 2047 they would pass 95% of all data.

  12. Eliza says:

    The warmists are really going to have to be stopped at some stage. Here they are saying that BILLIONS will have to die to save the planet because at some stage they are going to have to start engineering the climate.

  13. kirkmyers says:

    NASA’s GISS and NOAA’s NCDC should be shuttered, and the directors, past and present, need to be investigated for fraud. Some of the lesser managers could be offered plea bargains in exchange for their public testimony.

    The global warming scare is a clever scheme to shutdown our energy grid, impose new energy taxes on citizens via “carbon offsets,” shower universities and government agencies with research funds, and destroy what’s left of our ailing market economy. It’s also plays in to the hands of media outlets eager to bump up ratings and circulation figures with scare stories about an impending “global meltdown.”

    In the meantime, the planet continues to cool as it has been doing since the Holocene Optimum 6,000 years ago. All subequent warming periods — Minoan, Roman, Medieval and Modern — have shown progressively smaller warming peaks. The warming trend is heading downward as we approach the end of the current Interglacial period.

    Moreover, solar cycle 24 is the weakest in nearly 200 years, an indication that we may be headed for another solar grand minimum similar to the Dalton Minimum or, worse, Maunder Minimum. Some solar physicists, including Russian scientist Khabibullo Abdusamatov, are now predicting an extended decline in global temperatures, starting during this decade

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